Q. How does FSX Cleaning Technology compared to other cleaning technology?

Pulse Cleaning Technology
Offered By Others

Attempts to clean 5000 cells at once. Center cells clean first, while outside cells get little cleaning. Cleaning stops when a path of least resistence is established, typically through the center of the filter only.

FSX Trapblast Air Knife Scanning Technology

Cleans using Air Knife Scanning technology (patented) on both ends of the filter. Each individual cell is scanned numerous times from both directions.


Q. What is the process time and steps for the FSX Technology?

Process Time: 22 Minutes
  1. Cleaning action is visable
  2. Cleans from both ends of the filter
  3. Cleans all cells within filter
  4. Cleaning is complete when dust stops exiting
  5. Diagnostic feature reveals failed cell walls